The Bad Axe Fair

Every year in august, Mr. (Edgar) Guest and I, with a whole troop of children, visit in Michigan the Huron County Fair, held at the county seat, the town of Bad Axe. It is certain that no child enjoys the occasion more than we do. W.L.P.


The Bad Axe Fair
by Edgar A. Guest

"It's all too big and wonderful," said Billy Phelps to me.
The county fair at Bad Axe is the one I want to see.
Chicago has the marvelous things, but when the summer's done
It's into Bad Axe we will go to have our day of fun.

Img0025.JPG Then you and I and Dr. Charles will take the kids along
To see the horses and the cows and mingle with the throng.
We'll wander through the cattle sheds, the winners to admire.
We'll chat with friendly farming folk and talk of dam and sire.

We'll tread once more that crowded hall were women folk display
The things they've made throughout the year since we have been away.
And then we'll do the poultry show and hear the roosters crow
And live again the boyhood dreams we had so long ago.

We'll eat hot dogs and ice cream cones and wash them down with pop.
At every loud-voiced barker's stand our merry group will stop.
We'll venture every game of chance for blankets pink and blue.
We'll purchase numbers on a wheel, and should we win a few

We'll give them to the farmers' wives, and then with hearts elate
We'll squander dimes upon a man to guess the children's weight.
We'll hear that red-garbed little band which never seems to rest.
We'll stand in awe to see a man break rocks upon his chest.



We'll ride the squeaking Ferris wheel; pitch rings at trinkets gay
And miss the gaudy prize we want, and tired at close of day
We'll march our youthful army home and solemnly declare
No show upon the earth excells that Bad Axe County Fair.



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